Latest News for Secrite

Latest News for Secrite

Posted Monday December 18th, 2023.   News

Lawbreakers have been identified in Liberia as police officers. If there was no time in Liberian history to protect yourself and your property the time is now.

To ensure that you are hiring a licensed security company, contact the Division of Public Safety at the Ministry of Justice and ask if the company that you thinking of doing business with is certified to do business as a private security company. If you are not sure of a company to hire, ask them for a list of licensed and registered security firms and their contact information.

Be aware also that because a company is licensed by the Division of Public Safety, MOJ does not guarantee that those security guards obtain any security training. Most so-called private security companies in Liberia put civilians in uniform who did not go through any security training.

Secrite does a comprehensive background check beyond the so-called check done by the police. Our security officers spend four weeks at our training facility covering hours of police defensive tactics, patrol techniques, criminal law, customer service, SOP and General Orders, Ethical code of conduct, human rights, gender issues, etc.

If you are looking for a professional private security firm to do business with, please contact us at or call us at 231 77 973 2873 or fill in the “Request A Quote” form on our website.