Corporate Security

Corporate Protection in Liberia

Need protection for your corporate team or company assets? Partner with Secrite.

Secrite is a commercial security company in Liberia that can protect your corporate assets. Our security services for corporations include individual protection for corporate executives, access control protection services, guarded doorways, check-in desks, bag detail, and other security services often needed by private businesses.

Sophisticated Security Systems (CCTV)

We can provide first-class 24/7 security systems that manage multiple cameras simultaneously and provide 24 hours of continuous recording and monitoring.

Surveillance Drones

Conduct perimeter surveillance and monitoring.
Help hostile control demonstrations, rioting, and crowd control.
Emergency communication monitoring

Short and Long-term Corporate Protection

Secrite can help permanently install and oversee security detail in your company’s headquarters or can be there to help you showcase an event. Whether your security need is short or long-term, we’re the team in Liberia you can trust.

“This team is the real deal. Our company was considering a trip overseas, but we were worried about hostility towards foreigners. The team was warm, welcoming, stern, and always on guard.”
– Aldon // United States


  • Private Businesses
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Public Spaces
  • Private Events