Embassies Security

Embassy Security in Liberia

Many countries rely on short-term security for embassy visits. While some governments have agreements to deploy their security forces, many embassy visits require detail on the ground, conducted by a private team.

We can offer a full-service, highly trained security detail team to protect your embassies and consulates—pickup and drop-off security, private room detail, meeting security, and more. We’re the team in Liberia you can trust for embassy security.

Sweep for Bugs and Hidden Cameras

We can conduct a “technical surveillance countermeasure” inspection upon request. That is checking the physical place of the client, including their residence, offices, hotel room, businesses, etc., for hidden cameras, mics, and other eavesdropping mechanisms that someone may have planted. Our executives, celebrities, and other clients could benefit from that.

“This team is the real deal. Our company was considering a trip overseas, but we were worried about hostility towards foreigners. The team was warm, welcoming, stern, and always on guard.”
– Aldon // United States


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