Personal Bodyguards

Personal Bodyguards in Liberia

VIPs, celebrities, high-profile individuals, and those with wealth always have an added risk when moving through Liberia. Our private security detail can offer personal bodyguards protection in street clothes or uniforms.

Trained Liberian Bodyguards

Personal bodyguards are all about trust. Can this person protect me? Do they have my best interests in mind? Is my privacy safe with this person? Secrite trains staff to overcome all these objections. Our bodyguards are physically fit, mentally sharp, and highly trained in close protection operations, including police, military, and physical hand-to-hand combat disciplines.

“This team is the real deal. Our company was considering a trip overseas, but we were worried about hostility towards foreigners. The team was warm, welcoming, yet stern and always on guard.” – Aldon // United States


  • Hollywood celebrities
  • International leaders
  • Government officials
  • Politicians / campaigns